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Rolling Stones has just released its 100 Greatest Songwriters Of All Time list.

We all know how good a song can make us feel – regardless of the genre, style or era – so it's no wonder that song-writers are among the most lauded individuals of recent decades.

In one of the most comprehensive lists ever compiled, the publication looks at the best of old and new times – and some of the numbers might surprise you. 

Still, the list certainly has a great mix of old-school classics as well as hit pop stars from right now. 

The golden oldies include Marvin Gaye, The Bee Gees, John Lennon, and Chuck Berry. A certain Paul McCartney comes in at number 2. 

The new kids on the block are doing well for themselves too with the likes of Taylor Swift, Missy Elliot, Eminem, and Kanye West, as well as Jay Z who is ranked at number 68. 

Irish folk also make a sizable dent in the list with Bono and The Edge jointly deemed to be number 35 as Van Morrison arrives in at number 22. 

And who got the coveted number 1 spot? It was none other than… Bob Dylan. 

We think the full list is brilliant with every one of our favourites getting a place. 


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