Ah… rich kids. There's nothing like them, huh?

From lavish holidays to customised cars that cost more than houses, you'd have to win the lotto to keep up with them.

But now, it looks like an app is giving them inspiration of how to be more flashy… and we just can't deal.

Aptly named Rich Kids, the €1012-a-month app is exclusively for teens and young adults who like to share their purchases and boast about it online.

The photo-sharing app is inspired by the Instagram account of the same name and helps its users "discover and be inspired by the real rich and famous."


However, apparently Apple vommed as well because according to The Memo, they banned it for being "inapproprate."

The creators of Rich Kids released a statement saying they weren't breaking any of Apple's rules, but the tech company basically just wanted nothing to do with them.

Now, we all know that a little gloat on Instagram is common practice, but putting up a paywall? Nah, don't think so.