We've only recently realised just how wasteful the make-up and cosmetic industry is, seeing as pretty much every product is made using single-use plastic packaging.

We will forever worship our Urban Decay Naked palettes, and that love can't just go away, but it's time we search for more sustainable options while still looking slammin' every day.

Eyeshadow application isn't as easy as all the YouTubers and beauty bloggers have us believe. Not all of us are seasoned #MUAs, or had beauty tutorials to pore over when we were growing up. 

We've all butchered a smoky eye in our time, gotten irritable product in our eyes or chose the worst possible colour to spread across our lids; but what if a product was fully recyclable and easy to apply?

The world's first stick-on eyeshadow has FINALLY been created, and is bringing practical and beautiful products to our lives. Talk about sustainably slaying the game, wow.

Beauty buffs are absolutely raving about the new eco-friendly treat, which is the first ever fully-recyclable eyeshadow. Yes, that includes packaging, applicators AND the pigments themselves.  


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Majic Beauty's 'eyeMajic' Instant Eyeshadow is the first transferable eyeshadow which uses a heat-sensitive applicator to apply makeup to the eyelid in one easy swipe.

The product is totally hygienic, non-toxic and is 100 percent free of bacteria as well as paraben-free, cruelty-free and devoid of irritating fillers or preservatives. It's eco-certified too, we may actually faint.

The genius 'eyeMajic' is available in a whole spectrum of colour combinations online, from earthy browns and golds to metallics, shimmery pastels and matte or smoky shades.

The eyeshadow is made with extremely fine-grade pigment particles to formulate a rich, long-lasting colour and the applicators are all biodegradable.


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The reviews on Amazon are nothing short of glowing, so the product definitely delivers what it hopes to. Imagine…you can have Eye-con beauty status while being kind to our environment?

'eyeMajic' buyers describe the product as easy to use with fantastic results, with make-up artists themselves recommending them for both pros and beginners.

It won't cost a bomb as well to slay the game while hugging the planet; at €6.69 a pack, 'eyeMajic' is a bargain. Don't miss out on the latest cult beauty product, it's set to go viral.

Feature image: Instagram/@majicbeautycosmetics