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Looking for a change of career?

If you've always wanted to pull a pint for Varadkar or pour a shot for Harris, then the latest listing on the career section of the Oireachtas website is for you. 

The Oireachtas is hiring a bartender for their members bar, and they're recruiting right now.

Potential candidates are required to have three to five years experience and a minimum of two references, as well as a wide knowledge of various tipples. 

They must also 'demonstrate a high level of professionalism and discretion towards guests and colleagues.' 

So no dishing the gossip to your pals on what was said in the sanctity of the bar by any upstanding member of Dáil Éireann.

Candidates must also speak and write fluent English, and be flexible when it comes to working hours. 

The role is described as an 'exciting opportunity'  for someone with the 'utmost discretion and professionalism.'

Get those CVs in, ASAP.



Netflix UK & Ireland are recruiting for a Tagger.

What’s a tagger you ask? Well, it’s someone who gets paid to watch TV!

The role is apparently based in London, but they also say that the “role will offer flexible hours based from home”.

The job itself entails watching lots of films and categorising them, so that Netflix can match viewers up with films they might want to watch.

They’re looking for someone with a background or degree in film and television, an analytical mind, and a love for films and TV programmes of all genres, countries and styles.

Could it be you? You can apply here.