Why does it always seem that the second you put on something white, you instantly become five times more clumsy? Be it a smear of foundation, a drop of wine or a splash of coffee, sometimes we feel like the clothing gods are just out to have a laugh at our expense.

UK clothing company Reality Dreams has finally come to the rescue with a range of pieces specially designed with the spill-prone fashionista in mind. It's not just the edgy designs on their tees, sweaters and hoodies that are getting this new label a whole lot of attention, but the fact that every item on sale has the ability to repel liquid, effectively preventing stains.

If it sounds to good to be true, check out the visual proof, in which a very brave model pours ketchup, beer and Pepsi all over his Reality Dream sweater before rinsing the whole thing off with a splash of water.

The label's creators,  Matt Doughty and Steven Stokes, say there's no need to wipe or dab the stain, simply wash it away with water, shake the remaining droplets off and you're done.  

In order to make each garment stain-proof while not affecting the feel of the fabric, the designers apply a 'hydrophobic coating' to each fibre, helping it to repel stains and also keeping the garment protected from UV rays.

The hydrophobic technology was originally developed for the construction industry to remove dampness in wood and concrete, but Matt says his lightbulb moment came about when a family member told him that a new strain had been developed which worked on fabrics too. "We tracked them down and set to work trialing it with T-shirts," he told the Daily Mail.

The brand is mainly menswear, but around half the products are listed as 'unisex', like these tees:

Prices start at around £35 (€50) for a tee, but Reality Dreams are currently running an online sale with many items available for £19.99 (€28). However an application of hydrophobic coating will set you back another £15 (€21). 

Not cheap, but we're VERY tempted…