Predrag Jovanovic, a 34-year-old Serbian man is looking for love.

He’s been using Facebook in his quest for a girlfriend, and has sent out 5,000 messages to women. However, only 15 replied, and they all said no.

“I got only 15 responses and they were all negative. All 15 politely refused to be my girlfriend, while the rest of them simply ignored me. When someone ignores you that is the worst thing of all.”

He says he has to use Facebook because, “It is so very hard to meet women face to face these days. Those who go to bars or clubs are usually attached, those you meet perhaps by chance in the street don’t want to know because they paint you as a weirdo if you try to talk to them.

“Facebook seemed the perfect way to try to sell myself to these girls. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked out as I planned.”

Oh Predrag, we do feel sorry for you, but Facebook isn’t a dating site – if we got a message from a random guy looking for a date, we’d say no too! He needs to get himself on Tinder!