Ice cream fans rejoice.

Now everyone has the chance to create their own customised Magnum ice cream. Have you ever thought your favourite Magnum flavour would be perfect if only you could have it dipped in gold leaf and edible flowers? Well, now you can.

The Magnum pop-up shop will be officially open in Arnotts Dublin this Thursday until 23 August. So you have plenty of time to experiment with all of the delicious, delicious toppings they have on offer.

The toppings aren’t just the usual hundreds and thousands or syrups either. You can choose from options such as goji berries, crushed popcorn or even chilli flakes.

Judging from the photos, it’s really a luxury ice cream kind of affair. The humble 99 has just gotten a seriously fancy makeover, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The toppings are based on local suppliers so yay for us being able to dip our favourite magnum in chocolate and then coating it with honeycomb pieces.

The luxury Magnums are all about providing us with “indulgent pleasure.” So, no need to hold back on the toppings then.

The pop ups have been appearing all over the world with some foodies really going for it in the luxury ice cream department. In Melbourne ice cream aficionados were topping theirs with blueberries, gold flakes, rose petals and white chocolate. Yum!

The My Magnum Experience has a team of dedicated Magnum Pleasure Makers to ensure all your luxury ice cream needs are met.

We feel like this is going to be a pretty big deal, especially if that elusive heat wave sticks around for a while.