Some of us will do absolutely anything we can to ensure that our caffeine needs are met. Once upon a time one unlucky SHEmazing staff member even went so far as to include coffee in her porridge. Needless to say that was one recipe that we didn’t feel the need to share with the world. 

However, the latest snack option for caffeine lovers sounds far more appealing. 

Say hello to caffeinated peanut butter. Creamy, delicious and yes filled with enough caffeine to ensure you probably won’t need that midday nap.

A creation from the people at Steem, the spread allegedly contains the same amount of caffeine you would get from two cups of coffee in two mere tablespoons. 

A two tablespoon serving has 170 milligrams of caffeine, FYI. Mashable reports that the peanut butter concoction was originally created as a hangover cure. Chris Pettazzoni, one of the creators, said that they’ve been working on the recipe for quite a while.

Apparently the reason it took them so long was because the first recipes had a caffeine content that was too high. 

"The release of energy was so much better from the PB that I stopped drinking coffee completely." 

This is in part because the slow digestion of peanut butter means that the caffeine is released into your body slowly rather than in one intense shot.

While the caffeine content may be off-putting for some, the fact that it is made with all-natural peanut butter and no artificial sweeteners is enough to get our attention. 

You can try it for yourself if you’re willing to part with €4. Steem peanut butter is available to buy on Amazon and the brand’s official website.

We’re feeling pretty tempted right now to be honest.