If you were a kid of the naughties, then you have to remember The Lizzie Maguire Movie.

It was the #GirlBoss movie of our teens, and everyone kinda hoped that they would become a famous singer just like Lizzie Maguire.

But, one character in the movie has popped up on our screens recently and we never copped on it was the same actor… Until now.

If you watched the movie, then you probably remember the really hot Italian singer, Paolo, who mistakes Lizzie for his singing partner, Isabella, while she's on a class trip to Rome.

Lizzie soon falls for his romantic ways but then finds out that he's a cheat and wants to embarrass Isabella/Lizzie on-stage at the Italian Music Awards.

Lizzie and Isabella (both played by Hilary Duff) team up to give Paolo a taste of his own medicine in what turned out to be the most badass girl power movie of our teens.

And, guess who that no-good singer was on our fave show ever?!

WELL, it was a love/hate relationship with Paolo, and it was certainly a love/hate relationship with his character, GARRETT, on Pretty Little Liars too.

Yes, the Italian stallion, actor Yani Gellman, went on to play Officer Garrett Reynolds in 23 episodes of PLL. Shocker.

Unfortunately, Garrett was killed off 2012, but as PLL fans, we'll always remember his part on the show.