Facebook's "On This Day" and "Year In Review" reminders are an amazing way to look back on past celebrations and milestones. We have all definitely shared a giggle with friends over the state of our disastrous teenage disco outfits. 

So, while we have the nifty features to remind us of some of the fun times of the past, that is not always the case. 

Sometimes, Facebook can miss the mark. You can end up feeling less amused and just more ashamed from some past experiences that made their way onto social media. 

Now the company is offering a way to keep sad and unpleasant (or downright cringeworthy) memories from resurfacing in these nostalgia-inducing reminders. 

Head to the Facebook "On This Day" page here. This page actually shows you posts you've made, photos you've uploaded, and friends you've made on that day. It can be pretty funny. 

Then, click on Preferences in the upper right-hand corner. In the pop-up menu you now have the option to filter out people or dates you would prefer not to be reminded of. 

It may not be the most sophisticated option, but it does the job. Right now, Facebook just isn't smart enough to know everything about you and your status updates- thankfully, because that might get a touch invasive. 

At least now you have the option to block out posts from surfacing that might include your ex.