Today is Just Because Day! Don’t ask us why, it’s just because. To celebrate this VERY important day, we have come up with a list of ten things you should do, for no reason other than to make yourself, or someone else, happy. Here they are:

Buy some new clothes
Ditch the guilt and buy yourself that dress you’ve been lusting after for ages. So what if you’ve nowhere to wear it? You don’t need a reason today!

Eat some cake
Why wait till it’s someone’s birthday for a bit of cake? Grab a slice, sit down with a cup of tea and turn off your phone so that you can enjoy it properly. Bliss.

Go for a nap
Why wait till bed time? A nap during the day is possibly one of the best luxuries, if you have the time, of course.

Get way too dressed up
So what if you’re only going to get the groceries? Put on something really nice. You can pretend you’re one of those people who manage to look perfect all the time!

Don’t be afraid to smile, just because. It’ll put you in a better mood, and make you more approachable!

Buy someone a present
Make someone else’s day by giving them a present for no reason. It’s not a totally unselfish act, as it’ll make you feel good too!

Call a friend
Don’t wait until something big happens to call that friend you haven’t spoken to in ages. It’s good to catch up every now and again, even if there’s isn’t anything exciting going on. You can reminisce over old times if nothing else!

Go for a walk
Not because you want to lose weight, or don’t have any petrol left. Going for a walk just because will help clear your mind and beat stress.

Paint your nails
At least when you make your nails pretty, you can appreciate your efforts every time you look at your hands – unlike makeup. You have to find a mirror to appreciate that stuff – effort!

Tell someone you love them
Don’t wait until it’s too late to let someone know you love them. When you say it for no reason (other than your love for them, obviously) it really means a lot.