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Ready to feel old?

Nirvana's groundbreaking album"Nevermind" album turned 25 this weekend!


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Remember the famous cover from this album? Well the baby is now a grown-up!

Spencer Elden is now a 25-year-old with long hair and a beard.

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Spencer did a remake of the album cover shoot with photographer John Chapple in honour of the anniversary.

A lot's changed since then, and Spencer is now a full time street artist in California.

However much has changed, we can't deny that the album is still amazing!


Pianos, guitars, masks, clothing and… em, fake teeth, were among the items being auctioned at the Idols & Icons: Rock and Roll Auction in LA last weekend. 

The collection of ridiculously-rare items were collected by Julien's Auctions, 'the auction house to the stars.'

The teeth up for grabs were worn by Michael Jackson in Thriller and the instruments were among those used by John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Elvis Presley and Nancy Wilson.

There was also the mask that Lady Gaga wore in her Bad Romance video. 

But most notable, was Kurt Cobain's cardigan, worn in the 1993 MTV Unplugged performance that won a bid of more than €128,000.

The green mohair cardigan is an item that many fans say defined Kurt as he wore it during one of Nirvana's best live shows. The Grammy-winning performance was one of the band's final performances before Kurt's tragic suicide in 1994. 

Other major bids on the weekend included John Lennon's acoustic Gibson J-160E quitar, that sold for €2.2m. three times the estimated bid.


When we heard research was carried out to see what song was the most iconic of all time, a few artists came to mind – but not Nirvana.

Scientists at the University of London have created an algorithm to find out which songs are the most iconic of all time.

They researched lists of greatest songs from sources including Rolling Stone and VH1 and then they studied each song's key, the beats per minute, chords and song variance to see how musicians make their songs more memorable.

The study, carried out for Fiat in order to find the best song to promote their new car, was conducted by Dr Mick Grierson. 

Mick said, "We looked at a range of measures for each song and compared them to see if there were similarities in these recordings which occur less in other songs."

However, he told the Daily Mail that there is no "formula" for creating an iconic song.  It just has to "sound great".

"Even by applying scientific process, what is considered iconic is ultimately up to the individual.”

“My conclusion is that if you want a formula for creating great music, there is one: you just have to make something that sounds great."

Very vague, but we understand!

Coming in at the top spot is Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit, which was released in 1991 and featured on the band's second album, Nevermind.  It beat John Lennon's Imagine into second place and U2's One came third.

Here's the songs that made the top 10:

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana

2. Imagine, John Lennon

3. One, U2

4. Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

5. Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

6. Hey Jude, The Beatles

7. Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan

8. I Can't Get No Satisfaction, Rolling Stones

9. God Save The Queen, Sex Pistols

10. Sweet Child Of Mine, Guns N' Rose