Making A Murderer, Orange Is The New Black, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt… It's safe to say Netflix has brought us some stellar TV watching opportunities over the last twelve months and beyond.

But sometimes we just want to watch something brand new, without choosing one of the 'Top Picks For You' and 'Suggested For You' options that always seem to feature rom-coms (probably because that's all we watch).

Behold, the Netflix hack to end all Netflix hacks.

Next time you're watching the streaming service on your laptop, simply type into your browser, replacing XXXX with one of the search category codes you'll find on this list on Ogre's Crypt.

So whether your preference is Action And Adventure (maybe), Teen Comedies (always) or Crime Documentaries (oh hell yes), you'll be able to find the genre you want simply and quickly.

You can thank us later, after you binge-watch three serial killer documentaries in a row…