When we think of thrillers, horror and books that psychologically messed us up – Stephen King's name comes to mind. 

He is the King (sorry, couldn't help the pun), of creating some of the darkest worlds and fantasies, such as IT and The Shining.

His book Pet Sematary has once again been adapted into a film, after it was adapted from the book in 1989. 

The remake got the go ahead in December and the trailer alone will have you hopping out of your seat.

The spooky tale follows a family that has relocated out of Boston, and bought a beautiful house with a whole forest as a back garden – sounds lovely, right? – WRONG.

Jason Clarke stars as a doctor, Louis Creed who is initially very happy that his family is now living in the country, until tragedy strikes when their toddler dies in a car accident.

Actor John Lithgrow takes on the role of their friendly neighbour, Jud Crandall, who shows them the forest or rather the misspelled "pet sematary".

Little do they know it contains the power to bring anything that was buried there back to life – enter the creepy.  

Lithgrow tells the audience in the trailer to the beat of some freaky drums: "It was a myth. Kids used to dare each other to go into the woods at night. They knew the power of that place. They feared it. Those woods belong to something else … The ground is bad…"

"It maybe just some crazy folk tale But there is something out in those woods. Something that brings things back. Sometimes dead is better." – Grim.

To add in the extra chill factor, it shows children masked as animals carrying a rather large cross through the woods…Oh – and their family cat is back from the dead.


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Prepare yourself this April for what looks to be a terrifying watch.

And if you loved the smash hit, IT – this movie will probably be right up your alley.