Minister for Consumer Affairs in Australia, Marlene Kairouz, has caused controversy among many after she made a broad sweeping statement about the integrity of Irish tradesmen across Australia.

Responding to a recent spate of crimes involving conmen Down Under, Marlene deemed it appropriate to make a wholly racist remark while discussing the issue at a press conference.

"If anybody knocks on your door that has an Irish accent, automatically ask them to leave," she warned the general public.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook users were outraged, and quick to condemn the Minister's remarks.

"Well Minister, I am an Irish Community Nurse who knocks on many doors every day to provide care for people of all nationalities in this beautiful country. Shame on you for your ignorance and sweeping statement," wrote one.

"What about all the Irish that come to Australia and work themselves to the bare bones? I've seen my boyfriend work 70 hour + weeks out here," added another. "Aussies have told us themselves that Irish are often hired because of their work ethics."

"This network should apologise to the Irish community and anyone with Irish friends and family for entertaining this type of blare faced racism. How is this different then saying don't open your door to any person of colour or ethnicity?" remarked another.

Think it's time to see yourself out, Marlene.