The daily ritual of applying make-up can get quite tedious and the fact that we may be putting it on in the wrong order just makes things worse.

Here is the right way to put on your makeup:

Step one: Primer or moisturiser
You don’t need to apply both a primer and a moisturiser. Choose one or the other.

Step two: Apply your foundation
Putting your foundation on first will create a canvas for the rest of your makeup.

Step three: Conceal your blemishes
If your foundation doesn’t provide enough coverage only then do you need to apply concealer.

Step four: Loose powder
Your powder will set your foundation and keep it there all day.

Step five: Eyes
When doing your eyes, start off with your eyeshadow, then move on to your liner and apply your mascara last.

Step six: Lips
This should go balm, lip liner, lipstick and then gloss.

Step seven: Blush
Blush should always be last as it brings the lips and eyes together.