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When we hear the words Magic Mike, generally the first thing that springs to mind is sexy greased-up men gyrating on stripper poles.

Now imagine hearing that name as an eight-year-old child. What do you think they think about?

In a hilarious episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had Channing Tatum act out some short scenes that were written by primary school children. The kids were told to write a short story based around the title, Magic Mike.

As you can imagine, combining the sultry tone of Channing’s 'Mike' with the innocent stories of schoolchildren has quite an effect.

From seductively pumping up an imaginary bike to Mr Tatum and Jimmy Fallon performing a duet as magic birds, the clip ensures a lot of laughs… even if it is ever-so-slightly disturbing! 




If you're squeamish, look away now.

As part of the promotional tour for Channing's new movie Magic Mike XXL, the actor underwent a pretty drastic transformation… and it's given us the creeps in a big way.

After inviting a number of unsuspecting fans to a "special 3D screening" of the new movie, Channing posed as a seriously slimy marketing executive, supposedly there to chart viewers opinions of the film.

It's amazing what some facial putty, a wig and a dodgy accent can do, because all of a sudden we're not quite so attracted to the 35-year-old star.

He even showed off his twerking skills, giving one or two ladies a personal lap dance…while still in costume. Shudder.

Luckily, the cinemagoers were let in on the prank before they left the theatre, and even got a chance to meet Channing without that awful wig.

Speaking about his bizarre prank, the actor said he got a kick out of being wholly inappropriate while in costume. ""I really enjoy that stuff. I'd go around in a costume every day if I could for no other reason other than all bets are off," he admitted. 

"You don't have to be responsible and you can do whatever you like, especially as an older person. No one ever says anything if you're slightly older and saying weird stuff to people."

Magic Mike XXL, the long-awaited sequel to 2012's Magic Mike, hits cinemas next month.



If you’re a fan of Magic Mike (who isn’t?) you are going to love this news.

Channing Tatum is looking for some new cast members and, as the old saying goes, he wants you!

Yes, with the sequel to the hit stripper movie, Magic Mike XXL, well underway, the crew are now looking for 300 ladies and gents to stand in as the lucky crowd that get to watch Mike and the gang in action.

We can think of worse ways to spend an afternoon than watching Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello body-roll in their underwear.

The movie’s crew put an advert out in a local newspaper in Savannah, where the movie is being shot, appealing to women and men living in the area to hit them up if they had any interest in being an extra in the movie, and watching some celebrities repeatedly take their clothes off.

So, you know, they’ll probably get one or two applications, right?

We’re expecting flight tickets out to Georgia to be in high demand, somehow!

For those of you who loved the original movie, the sequel looks set to be even better, with the storyline revolving around our favourite strippers attending a convention. Love it.

We straight-up volunteer!



Well, we didn’t see this one coming!

It seems Jada Pinkett Smith may be taking over from Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike XXL!

It’s being reported that she will be playing the strip club owner – a role originally written for a man, so she must have been pretty impressive in the auditions to convince them to change the gender of the character!

We gotta say, a female strip club owner could really bring a bit of spice to the film!

Jada has played a nightclub owner in the TV series Gotham, so perhaps they saw her on that and thought she would be perfect for the part.

Either way, go Jada!




Gabriel Iglesias who featured in Magic Mike has revealed that Matthew McConaughey isn’t likely to return for the sequel.

By the sounds of it, Iglesias might be the slightest bit jealous of McConaughey’s Oscar success for his role in Dallas Buyers Club:

“Word has it Matthew is probably not going to be involved in this one, because he’s worth a lot of money… that whole Oscar thing, the nerve right?”

We can all breathe a sigh of relief though, because the main man Channing Tatum is already preparing for his return:

“I’m about to start training for Magic Mike XXL and it’s back to the monotony of chicken and broccoli.

Your house smells of broccoli for months. There’s no fun. There’s no sugar. There’s nothing I’m more addicted to than sugar.”

Eeek – we’re not sure we could live on chicken and broccoli, but we certainly appreciate the results when Channing does!

Magic Mike XXL is scheduled for release in July 2015.