Emily Ratajkowski has been sharing snaps of her new swimwear collection on Instagram all week, and when the line finally dropped, fans couldn't get enough of the sexy, innovative collection. 

However, not everyone was so impressed with Inamorata.

Ready-to-wear and swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez has called out the model, claiming that two of the designs from her collection were copied from Fernandez's own collection. 


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According to Business of Fashion, the day after Emily released her line, Fernandez sent her a cease-and-desist letter. 

Fernandez alleges that two separate styles of swimwear were copied from her.

First, Fernandez claims that Ratajkowski's Vulcan bikini top is akin to her Leandra style bikini top. 

Both are off-the-shoulder bikini tops with a slightly baggy finish.

The second item called to question is Ratajkowski's Cardiff swimsuit, which features a distinctive cut-out bow front.

Fernandez alleges that the Cardiff suit is a copy of her Triple Poppy Maillot suit, which has the same design, but with two bows rather than three.  


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Fernandez has been sharing the coverage of the story with her online followers.

Neither Inamorata nor Ratajkowski have commented on the allegations.