If you are like us and felt like an absolute Queen shutting your flip phone when you had to hang up from a call, then you are going to love this.

As smart phones get bigger and bigger, they have now reached the stage where a lot of them don't fit in our pockets anymore, but LG want to change this, with an old school flip phone, no less.

The idea behind 'the gentle' is that users will still have access to the latest android technology while using a phone that is a lot more durable and a more manageable size compared to it's touch screen counterparts.

The new flip phone comes with the retro buttons you have to tap several times just to get the letter you are looking for, but don't worry this doesn't compromise any of the apps you are fond of. 

You will still be able to gain full access to the Internet and all of the apps you had previously, but now you can do it while feeling like it's the early 2000's. 

The down-side though (and this is a huge downside) there's no selfie camera.. We're sorry LG, but we're not sure we can part with our selfies!