One man in America has been dressing up as Batman and visiting sick children in hospital. However, the sad news has been announced that he has died following an accident with this 'batmobile'.

Lenny B. Robinson from Maryland had a custom Lamborghini which was modelled on the Batmobile and had a Batman symbol on the license plate. 

Last night Lenny was killed when his car broke down on the high way. The Washington Post reported that the 51-year-old was driving home when he experienced some engine trouble and he pulled over at around 10:30 pm. 

It is reported that he stopped "partially in the fast lane" and began to check the engine for any problems. At this time, another car hit the Batmobile, which in turn proceeded to strick Lenny who was standing in front of the car. 

The father-of-three was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene and the other driver was left uninjured. 

Lenny has been extremely popular in the media in 2012 when people began to notice him visiting sick children in hospital dressed as the super hero. 

Scott Robinson is Lenny's older brother and he explained that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy his car, costume and the toys he brought to the children every time he visited. 

The everyday hero visited patients all over Maryland and Washington DC while bringing them bracelets with the Batman symbol on them. When speaking about his brother, Scott said: "He touched a lot of lives and made a lot of kids smile. That's all he wanted to do."