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He may be a familiar face on Irish TV screens, but it turns out no-one has a clue who poor Laurence Kinlan is in the States. 

And Domhnall Gleeson decided to remind him of this little fact earlier this week… in front of an audience of millions.

While backstage getting ready for his appearance on the Late Show with James Corden, Domhnall decided to play a good old fashioned practical joke on his Love/Hate pal.

On live television, Domhnall asks James to acknowledge his mate Laurence who he says is "also a great actor."

And in true James Corden fashion, the presenter rolls with it introducing poor Laurence as a "three time Academy Award nominee." 

Laurence was quick to share the hilarious clip on social media. 

Now that is some true Irish banter. 


The Marriage Equality referendum is fast approaching, and with huge numbers of people adding their names to the electoral register over the last few weeks, it looks like the turnout will be a record one.

Love/Hate star Laurence Kinlan added his voice to the Yes Equality campaign today with this touching video about his hopes and wishes for his own future.

Laurence joins the likes of Hozier, Amy Huberman and even Bosco and Mrs. Brown as one of the many Irish celebrities stating that they're supporting a Yes vote.


Well worth a watch…