Mrs. Brown’s Marriage Equality video will make you well up

With the Marriage Equality referendum just weeks away, a number of Irish personalities are using their position to encourage people to get out and make sure their voice is heard on voting day.

A range of celebs from Hozier to Brian O'Driscoll (and of course, Dustin the Turkey) have all spoken out for the Yes campaign so far, but this latest video really brought a little tear to our eye.

Brendan O'Carroll's beloved Mrs. Brown is known for her no-nonsense attitude, and it turns out she feels the same when it comes to marriage equality. What's the "feckin' fuss," after all?

"Getting married isn't easy… changing the law isn't easy and changing attitude is even harder. But we can do it. We did it before, and the world didn't end."

Wise words there from the Mammy-In-Chief.