Remember the last time you left the house feeling like a goddamn queen, only to have the universe conspire against you?

Yeah, us too, because… well… we're all human. And that's life.

Reminding us of this cruel lesson is our new favourite person, Laura Jane Williams, who not only fell victim to the treachery of the universe, but went ahead and uploaded footage of it to Twitter.

Laura, who is an author by profession, decided to film herself walking down the street, before revealing that she was feeling quite sexy.

And then this happened…

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has instantly gained a new hero, as Laura's page has been inundated with messages from the public, congratulating her on a top-notch upload.

 "Honestly what f*cking beautiful moment," wrote one while another added: "I’ve played this about 1000 times and I’m still crying."

Laura, you do you.