Public service announcement!

Kinder Beuno ice-creams are now a thing and they look positively DIVINE.

According to European reports, the chocolate and hazelnut treats will hit freezers this summer, and if that doesn't shake your sweet tooth to its core, we don't know what will.

Langnese, a German ice cream brand owned by Unilever, posted this description to its official website.

"Here, fine hazelnut milk ice meets a core of Kinder milk chocolate sauce, embedded in a crispy croissant covered with a fine layer of hazelnut cream made from Ferrero hazelnuts."

Say no more.

Needless to say, Twitter is pretty excited about the news:

It's not clear yet whether or not the ice-creams will be available in Irish stores, but hey, that that's what city breaks in Europe are for right?

Sun, sight-seeing and Kinder Bueno ice-creams – what more could you ask for?