The weekend just gone was, for many people, the last one before payday, so instead of hitting the town, the vast majority of us bunkered down with a bottle or two of (cheap) wine.

Unfortunately for Keisha Buchanan of Sugababes fame, getting her hands on a bottle of vino was far from easy if her Twitter page is anything to go by.

In a move which has us cringing into our sleeves this morning, the singer admitted that after being refused for having no identification, she  – wait for it – pulled out her Wiki page to prove her date of birth.

And, unsurprisingly, Twitter is now having a field day.

Responding to her tweet, fans of the Hole in My Head singer, wrote: "Don't you know who I am?' Lol You should have sang the 'baby baby babyyyyyyyyy' bits from Too Lost in You."

"That's so f*cking scarlet," added another while someone responded: "You do look that young tbh."

After fans of the singer retweeted her post, Keisha felt the need to clarify her desperate move, tweeting: "I'm in charge of drinks for tonight's dinner party!"

"I will not let my girls down lol #DesperateActions lol," she added.

Ah lads, it's like pulling up your Facebook page the next time you're in the offy…