Union J singer and former X Factor contestant Josh Cuthbert is recovering from injuries after a serious car crash over the weekend.

The 22-year-old was driving through London with his girlfriend Chloe Lloyd when the car in front slammed on the brakes too quickly.

Josh was unable to stop in time and "ploughed into the car," according to TMZ.

The couple were both lucky to escape without any serious injuries, but they both had soft tissue damage to their necks and some bruising, while the car was severely dented.

Josh's mum Kathryn took to Twitter to let fans know the pair were okay, writing, "Josh and chloe are fine thanks for asking. There was a bump but both walked away. Car is a bit of a mess though!"

Chloe played down the incident, telling her followers that the crash wasn't as serious as it looked and that she and Josh were "100% fine":

Union J also includes JJ Hamblet, Jaymi Hensley and George Shelley. The band rose to fame when they first appeared as a trio on the 2012 series of The X Factor, with George added during the series.

The band are currently on a European tour and have promised fans that Josh's injuries will not affect the planned tour dates.