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Surprise mom!

Frances Bean Cobain is now a married woman, but she kept it a secret from mom Courtney Love it seems. The daughter of Courtney and Nirvana frontmen Kurt Cobain has reportedly married her boyfriend of five years Isaiah Silva.

Isaiah, who is the frontman of LA rock band The Eeries, is said to have married Frances in a small intimate ceremony.

Similar to her parents wedding, France is said to only have invited 15 guests to be present at her nuptials. That did not include her mom.

The 23 year old and her mother have had a publicly rocky relationship over the past number of years. A source told the Mirror: “She only invited a close circle of friends to the party, and then phoned her mum afterwards to tell her the good news."

Isaiah and Frances are also said to be completely and totally loved-up, but Frances has “never been one to broadcast it to the world.”

In 2009, she applied for Kurt’s mother Wendy O’Connor and her aunt Kimberly Dawn Cobain to become her legal guardians. The strained relationship she had with mom Courtney continued for four years before the pair became close again.

The source added: “Courtney and Frances have had a strained relationship over the years, but after tons of fallouts they actually get on quite well now. 

Courtney is sad she wasn’t there but she totally understands that Frances is her own person and she’s happy to let her do her own thing. Plus, Isaiah is a really nice guy.”

It what looks like an effort to prove there were no hard feelings, Courtney took to Instagram to share this photo:




As Frances Bean Cobain strolled around the Coachella festival with her fiancé Isaiah Silva, it was hard to miss a certain uncanny resemblance.

The likeness between Isaiah and Frances’ late father, Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, is pretty striking and the couple reportedly got a lot of attention from fans at the Californian festival and were approached by revellers all weekend to point out the resemblance.

Frances Bean and Isaiah, who is also the front man of a rock band – The Rambles – started dating in early January 2010 and their engagement was announced in October 2011.

Kurt – who tragically died in 1994 at age 27 – was recently inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

But 21-year-old Frances Bean – who filed a restraining order against her mother Courtney in 2009 and moved in with her maternal grandmother – failed to make an appearance.