Gintern: An (incredibly jammy) individual who is paid to travel Europe and drink gin.

Yes, it actually exists and ladies, if ever there was a job with our name written all over it, it's this one.

But unfortunately, we're not the only ones who think so as company, ILoveGin, learned after a staggering 4,000 people applied for their £20,000 a year position.

Having been inundated with applicants following their posting in September, the website have yet to fill the vacancy and are still working through the thousands of gin aficionados who are more than willing to sample all Europe has to offer on the gin front next year.

Commenting on the to-die-for position, the company said: "We were so overwhelmed with demand, over 4,000 applicants, that we couldn't work through them all before Christmas. We're looking to re-start the vetting process and hire someone in early 2017."

"We're looking for an enthusiastic gin-loving intern – 'Gintern' as we like to call it – who will be happy to spend their days trying new gins, new mixers, finding new brands to work with, visiting distilleries, pairing gins and "ginspiring" us with their new-found knowledge."

The lucky gintern, in this case, must live in the UK, so we're out of the running this time, but the minute one becomes available in Ireland, we'll be ON it.