Presenter Gok Wan has opened up about his long-running struggle with anorexia.

The How To Look Good Naked star spoke during an open discussion at Birmingham City University about his battle with the eating disorder, which started in his early twenties.

"I struggle with anorexia every day. It's like a parasite that won't go away," he told the students, before adding that his extensive knowledge of the disorder has helped him to deal with it better. "Realising it doesn't go away is the biggest weapon," he said.

The star began dieting excessively after reaching over twenty stone in his late teens, and while he is in recovery now, it wasn't always so easy.

Gok became visibly upset while talking about his battle with anorexia, which he said was prompted by routine bullying during his school years for being overweight. However he said that some of his darkest moments have motivated him to work harder at his career.

"When I was being bullied I wished the bullies a terrible fate. But over time I’ve forgiven them as without them I wouldn’t be who I am today… In order to get through the dark times you need to remember that life is short and therefore you really need to focus on the good stuff," the star said. 

"The little things that worry you are those that will ultimately fuel your success."

Gok also spoke about the importance of self-confidence and the courage to be different. "‘Identity is really important and it’s not something that should be overlooked," he said.

Very wise words.