Tbh, we don’t know how our parents planned holidays way back when.

No price comparison online, no filtered results to find the perfect hotel – our travel experiences have been fuelled by technology.

And the tech industry continues to innovate, which will transform our jet-setting plans in incredible ways.

Here are five of the most exciting tech innovations in the travel industry, according to Holidayguru.ie:

1) Augmented Reality (AR)

While we always have notions of picking up a few key phrases before travelling to a foreign country, we have to admit, it doesn’t always happen.

AR is a lifesaver in many ways because, using this, Google Translate lets you take pics of signage you need to be translated. Let’s face it – we’re mostly talking about menus here. Gotta get that holiday grub.

As well, there are also apps like VisitScotland and England’s Historic Cities that can help you learn about cultural sites you’re visiting.

2) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI makes travel handy as can be, and it’s what allows Dutch airline KLM to send your boarding pass and other updates through chat apps like Facebook Messenger.

It’s also making waves in the hotel industry. Hilton Hotels’ ‘Connie’ makes guests’ stays feel personal with assisted check-ins and tips.

3) Virtual Reality (VR)

Want to travel without having to go halfway across the world? Well, airlines like Lufthansa have created stunning 360-degree videos so you can experience the amazing visuals of distant destinations without leaving the comfort of your own home.

If you have a VR headset, you can practically have your own holiday looking at what apps like Google Earth VR, NASA, and Boulevard have to offer.

4) Blockchain

Blockchain is a way for digital info to be distributed safely not but copied.

This means that in the future we could possibly say goodbye to passports and boarding passes, and instead verify our identities online at the airport. Imagine how quickly we’d get through to our gate!

5) Voice Control Interface

No, Amazon’s Alexa isn’t just for asking silly questions (though we do really, really enjoy doing that). When asked, she can look through Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights available.

Google Assistant can look for flights and help you practice those handy phrases in foreign languages. Siri is able to check the status of your flight and look for hotels in the area.

So what’re you waiting for? With all of this futuristic tech at our fingertips, holidays are easier than ever before.