Grace Mongey has been blessed with the arrival of her second child with partner Chris Gernon. 

The blogger announced the arrival of her son yesterday, after delivering at the Coombe hospital. 

The now mum-of-two got to return home today, and took to her story to give some details about her birth experience. 

'We are home. We're home the past hour or so, I've just been lying on the couch feeding.'

'He feeds a lot, like literally does not stop feeding. He was born  9lbs 7oz so quite a big hefty boy.'

'I'll go into labour another time, it was perfectly fine, everything was going great until the last hour.'

'It was very stressful, I was down for a section, didn't need a section in the end but it was quite a stressful time.'

'I can't believe we have a little boy. When he was born no one said anything and I was like "Chris what is it?2 and he was like "a boy," and he is absolutely delighted.

'He is absolutely perfect, I can't believe he's here.'

The now mum of two was induced in the Coombe on Saturday. 

She arrived to the hospital in the morning for her induction, before going home for a few hours due to long waiting times. 

She later returned that afternoon to have her waters broken. 

Grace announced the arrival of her little boy, Hayden James, via a sweet Instagram post, depicting the bundle of joy in his cot through a Polaroid photo. 

'And just like that, our world is complete,' she wrote.

'Our beautiful baby son entered this world at 11:31pm. Hayden James you are everything and more, they say your heart doubles in size, well mine just quadrupled!'

'He couldn’t be any more perfect.'

Hayden James is the blogger's second child, following the birth of her first daughter Sienna in September of 2016.

Grace made headlines at the time for documenting every aspect of her labour with Sienna live on Snapchat.

From experiencing contractions in the car to receiving an epidural, Grace left nothing out when it came to giving her followers an insight into the birth. 

Back in December, Grace then shared that she was pregnant for the second time. 

Getting creative with her announcement, she uploaded a series of snaps with her daughter Sienna, and captioned the post 'Christmas came early for Sienna this year,' as the tot opened the gift of a top which read 'big sister.'

All images: instagram / facesbygrace23