It's not a good time for RTÉ at the moment as the station is dealing with several bullying and harassment complaints.

The allegations were made to the Humans Resources department in 2013 and 2014, but an inside source said that it has taken 16 MONTHS for the claims to be addressed.

Tensions are high in the station as it is, with many employees facing cutbacks, as well as having to face a €20 million loss in the past year.

According to a Freedom of Information response which was obtained by the Irish Sun, the bullying claims concern, "issues relating to behaviour and interaction, complaints about colleagues or managers, and issues/grievances with colleagues or managers.

The insider said, "There's a bit of a bad atmosphere in here lately – the financials are bad, a new director general is in, people are worried."

A spokesperson from RTÉ has now come out and said, "RTÉ believes that all staff have a responsibility to treat their colleagues with dignity and respect to ensure the workplace is kept free of harassment and bullying.

"RTÉ management is strongly committed to this and RTÉ strives to maintain a healthy, safe and productive work environment."