This family had a great idea of setting up a group chat on Whatsapp so new mother, Teresa could keep her loved ones informed of the birth of her child… Except it didn't exactly go to plan.

Various numbers were added into the group text and when her baby was born, she shared a photo with everyone.

But before she could go any further, a stranger wrote back to the message: "Congrats lol but I think someone got the wrong number."

Busy with the joy of being a new mum, Teresa didn't exactly notice the text at first and continued to text the weight of her newborn.

Before anyone could answer, the random texter said that he and "the boys" want to come and take a picture with the baby.

Other members of the group then copped on to what went wrong, but the stranger had the best response.

They asked for the room number of the hospital and actually turned up with presents for Teresa and her baby.

The story is going viral on Reddit and we can see why. This totally made our Monday a lot better.