Everyone spends their money on different things. Splashing the cash on a new Givenchy handbag is the dream to some and a total waste to others. 

Yet, when someone spends nearly ten thousand Euro on a bunch of grapes, some eyebrows will be raised and some very difficult questions will have to be answered.

The bunch of about 30 grapes were sold for 1.1m yen (€9,777) in Japan – but these aren't just your usual run-of-the-mill grocery store grapes, they're actually a symbol of high status.

Each grape (worth about €317) is roughly the size of a ping-pong ball and each one has to pass a number of tests to qualify as a 'Ruby Roman'.

Grown in the Ishikawa region (where they're strict on only growing Ruby Roman grapes) each grape must weigh at least 20g and have a sugar content of at least 18%. 

Seasonal fruit in Japan is actually regularly sold for large sums of money to buyers seeking social prestige, or shop owners who want to show off to their customers.

The lucky man who bought Thursday’s grapes promised he would give samples to a few lucky customers.

“These are truly Ruby Roman gems,” he said. “We will display them at our store before giving our customers a sample taste."