E! Fashion Police presenter, Kelly Osbourne has reportedly checked herself into “food rehab” after gaining 1 stone and 5lbs after her spilt from her fiancé Mattew Mosshart, four months ago.

The 29-year-old is calling her time in “food rehab” a “food cleanse” and also plans to sign up to yoga and Pilates classes during her stay.

The presenter said that she was able to maintain her slim figure in the past as a result of her ex-fiancé, who is a vegan chef and used to cook all of Kelly’s meals.

Kelly’s “food cleanse” isn’t the only change that the star is aiming for, as the star is planning to remove some of her famous tattoos as well.

“I’ve got a piano on my arm and I don’t even know how to play. In all honesty, I’m getting rid of the ones I got just to p*** off my parents.”