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As comedies go, Bridesmaids is up there with some of the greatest of the last 30 years.

Dismissing the notion that an all-female cast would struggle to bring the laughs (and the dollars) to the Box Office, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph and a host of other female comics raked in almost $300 million, and had cinema-goers rolling in the aisles back in 2011.

And while the press and public celebrated the female-centred film, the cast regularly railed against the inclusion of scenes which showed 'women acting like guys'.

Take the now infamous 'food poisoning' scene, for example.

Arguably one of the most memorable of the film, the cast were against its inclusion – something which Kristin explained while chatting on The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast recently.

Highlighting the superficial acceptance of female-centred films, Kristin revealed that a number of conditions essentially exist in order for certain films to get the go-ahead.

"When people say, ‘Oh, we're gonna give more female-centred movies a chance,’ you're not reading the fine print, which is, ‘Oh, but, they have to be like this.’ They want to see women acting like guys," she explained.

Focussing on a scene which saw the characters experience a sudden bout of food poisoning in the middle of a high-end bridal store, Kristin admitted they were encouraged to include it due to the sexist undertones at play.

“The scene in Bridesmaids was not our idea and it was not in the original script and we didn't love it," she admitted.

“It was strongly suggested for us to put that in there. I didn't want to see people sh****** and puking," she added.

Well, for a group of women who weren't mad on the scene, they absolutely nailed it.

Ladies, we salute you.



Poor Amy Schumer and her beau Ben Hanisch got food poisoning while on holidays in France and it got so bad, she had to be sent to hospital to recover.

Of course, their romantic trip was ruined, but it sure looks like they had fun in the hospital.


No red flags with this girl

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Yesterday, the comedian took to Instagram to share a video where she pretends to be filming a dating profile.

The funny lady captioned it: "Pretty fired up to meet someone."


Pretty fired up to meet someone

A video posted by @amyschumer on

They do say laughter is the best medicine…


Food poisoning can be one of the most debilitating and sometimes deadly things to happen to a human.

The Interagency Food Safety and Collaboration in America have released a new report that sheds more light on what foods caused which poisonings most between the years of 2008 and 2012.

E. Coli
The food product found to be behind 46% of E. Coli cases was beef.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t chicken or eggs that were found to behind the highest rates of Salmonella (18%) but actually seeded vegetables. Eggs and fruit came in at the same level at 12% with chicken a cause of 10% of Salmonella cases.

Tainted fruit was found to be behind half of listeria cases.

Dairy amassed a huge 66% of the cause behind Campylobacter food poisoning. Today, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland stated that raw milk increases the development of foodborne illnesses. The sale of raw milk for direct human consumption in Ireland is recommended to be prohibited by the FSAI.

How can you protect yourself from food poisoning?

The HSE recommend using the 4 C’s to prevent food poisoning:

1. Cleaning
By keeping your hands, utensils and surfaces clean and always washing your hands and surfaces that have come in contact with raw meat, poultry or fish, you can avoid contamination.

2. Cooking
Always ensure your food is cooked through properly for the required time in order to avoid listeria and salmonella.

3. Chilling
Always keep food that needs refrigeration in the fridge to avoid harmful bacteria from growing and multiplying. With leftovers, always refrigerate them once cooled.

4. Cross-contamination
It is important to avoid the cross-contamination of raw foods onto other foods. Always keep raw food separate from others and ensure the utensils used are different and cleaned thoroughly afterwards.