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You know when you're just about to take a big bite out of a lovely meal… and then a fly lands on it.

Most of the time you swat it away, right? Well, turns out you should probably bin it.

Why? When a fly lands on your food, it apparently gets sick. As in, it actually throws up on your grub. Lovely…

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A recent survey asked participants what critter would make them run a mile from a restaurant: Rodents, flies, cockroaches, ants or snakes?

The majority said that cockroaches would make them flee, however scientists say that flies carry twice as many germs on them.

Flies aren't able to actually chew their food, so they have to throw up enzymes in order to slurp their grub up.

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So, basically if a fly lands on your sambo and wants a bite, it will puke on it.

Also, flies like to eat things that we find revolting (trash, rotten animal carcasses, faeces), so the real danger when a fly lands on your food is actually it's body.

Germs from all those disgusting things a fly lands on clings to the hairs on the fly's body, so they pick up a host of bacteria and viruses.

So, moral of the story? Don't at anything a fly lands on. We definitely won't after finding this out.



At least five people have died after a plane crash in Malta.

Local media reports that the aircraft was operated by the French government. 

The plane went down in shortly after take-off from Malta International Airport at around 7.20am local time (6.20am Irish time) today and is now Malta's worst peacetime air accident. 

A witness told the Times Of Malta the propeller plane suddenly tipped to its right side and "went straight down to the ground", exploding into flames.

Further footage taken from another plane on the tarmac showed the wreckage burning in a field.

Airport officials said the flight was heading for the city of Misrata in Libya. It is thought all the dead are French and were crew. 


All departures and arrivals at Malta International Airport have now been stopped. Flights are currently being diverted to Sicily.

Live information can be found here.