Most of us have woken up after a night out wanting to jump in a time machine to the moment before we ordered that round of shots, and just go home instead.

And while most of us curse the heavens and yell ‘NEVER AGAIN!’ into the toilet bowl, we always manage to find ourselves back there again.

While there’s nothing wrong with letting your hair down now and again, the latest figure from the World Health Organisation (WHO) have revealed some really scary facts about alcohol.

According to WHO, dangerous alcohol consumption was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012.

“This actually translates into one death every 10 seconds,” Shekhar Saxena from WHO said.

On average, every person in the world age 15 and older drinks 6.2 liters of pure alcohol a year, according to the report.

However, less than half the world’s population drinks any alcohol, which means people who do, drink an average of around 17 litres of pure alcohol a year.

Scarily, binge drinking among women, including those living in Ireland, is on the rise.

And according to the graph, Ireland ranks in the second highest category of worldwide alcohol consumption, with an average intake of between 10-12.4 litres per person over the age of 15, in 2010.