No matter what you might be watching on TV, it always seems that a parent chooses to walk into the sitting room JUST as the sex scene starts. It could be the blandest, most boring film ever to be released, but of course things start to get steamy at the exact moment your dad strolls in.

These grandparents got much more than a few seconds of naughtiness though – they all sat through the full "Fifty Shades of Grey" trailer and had to discuss the film in depth afterwards.

They're a bit clueless at first – one woman thinks that "this must be an attorney-based film" while another can't wrap his head around Christian Grey's way of thinking. "'I don't do romance?' What kind of guy are you?"

They soon settle in though and even stay back to recite some choice lines of script from the film!

Our favourite bad review? "I'm not into movies that are all about the S word." Way harsh!