The Electric Picnic line-up was announced today, and even though the festival itself is still a whole six months away, the buzz is already beginning.

Here are a few of the things you can expect to happen over the coming days, weeks and months.

1. Everyone disses the line-up as being "so boring compared to last year."
"Florence? WHAT ABOUT HOZIER?" etc.


2. You then promptly forget about the festival for at least three months
It's only March, y'all.


3. Until whispers start that it's about to sell out


4. You start bargaining with colleagues for days off on the Friday before and Monday after
"I'll give you half my paycheck if you'll work the Monday morning for me. Deal?"


5. You finally get everything sorted… and realise you've no tent. Or wellies
*cue frantic rush to get the very last pop-up tent in Dunnes*


6. You insist on stocking up on six times more alcohol than you'll ever drink in one weekend
God forbid you'd run out, though


7. You hop in the car for the drive down to Stradbally, full of the joys of life
This will be you:


8. And return home four days later with the worst. Hangover. Ever.
So worth it, though…