Fáilte Ireland’s new chairman Michael Cawley has announced that Dublin will be getting a €20 million facelift.

The capital will be cleaned up good and proper, and there’ll also be a logo designed for the city, as they want to create a ‘unified brand’ much like New York’s ‘I heart NY’.

Even though we’ve been hearing that tourism is doing well in our fair city, Cawley says we are “losing out market share wise to comparative cities like Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

“We need to clean up its image. Temple Bar, long an asset, has become less than an asset, shall we say. I don't want to be overly negative about it, but we need to do better.”

Ooo, sounds like Michael’s getting a bit catty, doesn’t it? Still, he’s got a point! We’d love to see a clean, prettier Dublin (though we love it anyway!).