Being called a basic bitch is one of the worst insults of all time right now, but we all have to admit that we have a hint of basic within.

Anyone who says they hate the Kardashians, leggings, Starbucks, UGGs, reality TV, Lauren Conrad, Nicholas Sparks, and calling everybody "hun" is lying. 

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To pay homage to the basic bitch in all of us, MAC is launching a Basic Bitch Palette, and we like, can't cope right now.

Senior MAC Artist Netta Szekely showcased this bad boy over on her Instagram account, and we're already excited by the gorgeous shades.


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The palette is designed to bring our makeup looks back to basics, with a selection of carefully chosen colours ranging from rich-toned to muted.

The nine shades were used backstage at Milan Fashion Week, and the brand new shadows looked amazing on the runway. 


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Unfortunatly, the palette isn't being released in the UK, so it's likely that Ireland may not get a look in either when it comes to flogging this perfectly toned shadow set.

However, we're sure that you can get your hands on one through a site that ships internationally. 

After all, waiting on an online shopping parcel is one of the most basic bitch inconveniences going.