First of all, these toys aren't really hoverboards. It doesn't hover – it acts as a sideways skateboard, with wheels, but it doesn't hover.

We just wanted something like Marty McFly had a little bit too much, and this is what they came up with instead.

But one of these popular toys turned out to be something quite scary over the week. In a shopping centre in Houston, Texas, there was stall in the middle of the centre selling a few toys, including the so-called hoverboard. 

But then one of the hoverbords exploded and caught on fire, causing the whole shopping centre to be evacuated. Some even thought the noise coming from the toy was a bomb, reports news station ABC 13. 

The fire was quickly put out by the shopping centre's security team and thankfully, no one was injured.

Let's just say we'll stick to cosy jumper for Christmas from now on.