Those of you who tuned into Choose or Lose on RTÉ2 last night possibly went through a range of emotions. Mostly disbelief, embarrassment, anger, embarrassment (yes, again), shock and bemusement. 

The game features two teams, including the hilarious Hilary Rose that battle it out over a series of 'would you rather' questions – potential we thought. 

But, as these tweets prove, execution was, well butchered. 

1. People across the country were learning things they never knew last night

2. Some people got a little sensitive about the whole debacle

3. We think he may be right there

4. This tweet may have been when one of the quiz topics was 'Cunning Linguist'…d'ya geddit?

5. Drastic times call for *very* drastic measures

6. Bet he's glad he didn't turn down the UPC gig now

7. Another mortified viewer

8. Some people were willing to give the benefit of the doubt but an hour just wasn't long enough

9. Once again, drastic calls and all that

10. Ah now…that is HIGH bar to set. Yet…