Plain old white vinegar has the ability to clean your home from top to bottom. It brings up a great shine on tiles and silver and has amazing deodorizing properties.

Use vinegar in the following ways for an economical and thorough way of cleaning your home.

1. Tiles
Mix vinegar with some warm water and use on your tiles to bring up a great shine and get rid of stains.

2. Microwave
Use vinegar to shift those tough stains in your microwave.

3. Stainless steel hob
Using vinegar on your hob will make the silver gleam and break down any food residue.

4. Drains
Because of its incredible deodorizing properties, vinegar can clear up any lingering smells caused by your drain. If mixed with some baking soda it can also unclog your drains.

5. Smelly rooms
Whether it’s smoke, wet dog or perhaps that salmon from last night, vinegar is the solution! Simply place a bowl of vinegar in the area that smells and wait for an hour or two. Although it will smell like vinegar for a while, once you throw it away all the offending smells will have disappeared! Magic.