Surely we weren’t the only ones who used to flick through the Argos catalogue when we were kids, pointing out all the things we’d buy for our house when we grew up? A pink toaster, a bean bag, a hedge trimmers – wait, no! Not unless you could get them in pink, anyhow.

Well, not much has changed, because we still love imagining all the things we’d buy for our house if we had the money, or space. Here are some of our favourites!

We'd make every hipster in town green with envy when they saw our VW toaster.

And we wouldn't be able to make a pot pf tea without being overwhelmed from the cuteness of this kettle! 

Obviously, we'd have a ridiculously pretty, and totally impractical tea set for visitors.  

And a transparent washing machine, to show off all our fancy knickers. 

Clearly, we'd need a MASSIVE couch for all our friends. 

But if there was no room left on the couch, we'd just while away the hours with a good book on the loo. 

A walk-in wardrobe was always top of the list too. 

And an awesome indoor swimming pool – a girl can dream, eh? 

Images via Pinterest