Homepage-feature-promo-300X165Diarrhoea affects almost everyone from time to time, especially our little ones. It can happen at any time, anywhere, this is why it is so important to understand what’s happening, what causes it, how to treat it and how to prevent it from reoccurring. For example, what would you do if it happened on your family holiday? Don’t worry we’ve done all the research for you, so you’ve one thing less to worry about!

So what exactly is Diarrhoea and how would it affect my kids? Diarrhoea is an unbalance between intestinal absorption and the secretion of water and electrolytes. It involves the passing of loose and watery stools more than three times a day and is caused by an infection called gastroenteritis and is often accompanied by uncomfortable cramps. Generally, the infection clears up in two to four days, however, there are ways to treat it to help suppress your child’s discomfort.

So if you and all your gang are heading off on a family holiday, one thing you’d definitely want to make sure you bring with you is Tasectan. Tasectan is a safe way to treat diarrhoea, helping to clear up the infection, it has no common side effects, it can be used with re-hydration drinks such as Dioralyte and it is suitable for both adults and children, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve got it covered!

Thankfully, Tasectan have provided some helpful tips to help prevent diarrhoea on your holidays!

Be food-wise and practice good food hygiene:

Tips for this include: washing your hands regularly as well as any surfaces and utensils, with hot soapy water. Separate raw and cooked foods, cook your food thoroughly, keep things refrigerated and be sure to dump food in the bin if it’s out of date!

Preventing travellers’ diarrhoea:

If you are travelling to a country that has low standards of public hygiene and there is a risk of water contamination, you may need to avoid the following food and drink:  Tap water, ice cubes, shellfish, eggs, salads, raw or undercooked meat, peeled fruit and ice cream.

So don’t let diarrhoea run your family holiday, remember to pack Tasectan and relax!

Only available from your local pharmacy. For more information visit www.diarrhoea.ie