George Cooney appeared on the American talk show hosted by Stephen Colbert, the Late Show and things got very personal indeed.

Stephen pressed the actor for some details on his marriage to human rights lawyer Amal. George joked that the pair have defied the odds when he noted: “they said it wouldn’t last.”

Stephen went on to ask George how it felt to be the “arm candy” in the relationship. George acknowledged that he now spends most of his time being “shiny and pretty.”

Stephen joked that Amal must now have to warn George of what exactly is going to happen when their heading out these days.

“She must say like, ‘We’re going to meet extremely intelligent people tonight- these are not show folk. Just be shiny and pretty.”

The 54-year old put up with further jokes about the age difference between he and Amal when Stephen went on to congratulate him about his upcoming anniversary. He did also make the point of mentioning that he was left off the guest list on the big day.

He did still manages to get the pair a special present. Packaged in a very lovely looking Tiffany’s box, George was treated to a paper weight. Not just any paper weight though, this one is personalised, kind of.

The gift actually reads: “I don’t know you.”

George did take the time to talk about his new film Decision Strike, in which he plays a “no-nonsense” secretary general of the UN.

Speaking about the film he made sure to point out the amount of hard work he put into the project:

"Sex sells Stephen," he told the host, adding, "I did my own sex. I did all of my own stunts."