If this is true, all we can say is, “Oh.  My. God.”

Jennifer Saunders has got us all excited after she confirmed plans to write an Absolutely Fabulous movie.

When the English comedian was asked by Jonathan Ross about whether there was a film in the pipeline, the actress responded: “Yes, well I have to do it now because I’ve threatened to a lot.”

Saunders had a lot of pressure from fans and co-stars to write a script – Joanna Lumley was constantly announcing that she was going to do it.

However, the news may have more to do with the fact that Dawn French made a bet with her friend while they were hosting their radio show at Christmas.

Dawn bet the comedian £100,000 that she wouldn’t write it. So, rather than pay out, the three-times BAFTA winner says she will write it.

Poor Dawn – although we think it is money well spent.