Basically, smart guys finish first. The smart guy in your class at school or in college will most likely do really well in life. Once he is qualified and enters the real world, the word “nerd” will no longer follow him.

Don’t date the smart guy because he will most likely be minted in the future – date him because he is nice, treats you well and can hold a topic long enough to have an opinion.

1. Future outcome
Be kind to that guy in your class because some day he will be your boss. Smart guys have brains and brains pass exams. The smart guy achieving will also encourage you to achieve. He could be the next Bill Gates, you never know.


2. Intellectually stimulating
You don’t just sit there having the same conversation on repeat of how Kate Upton’s boobs are the best things ever. Instead, you talk about current affairs, personal opinions and your interests. They will genuinely be interested in what you say and they won’t get distracted by every girl that passes you two by.


3. Vanity
Smart guys generally see there is more to life than low V neck T-shirts and sun beds, so they will spend less time looking in the mirror than you do. They will be quick to get ready and there will be no fake tan stains on the sheets from your significant other.


4. Honest
Most smart guys will be honest with you. They are rational so they will lay it all out of the table. If you get in a fight with a friend, they will know what to say and if you are in the wrong they will break it to you gently. And they will admit when they’re in the wrong.


5. Confidence
He is confident and it never comes across as arrogant. He isn’t a player and he wouldn’t use any sort of game on you. He has confidence in his college work and is willing to help you if he can.


6. Technically aware
They know how to fix things. It doesn’t matter what it is they can do it. They are like your own personal computer.


7. Research
If the two of you are going away together you won’t be left doing all the planning. He will be able to find hotels, calculate the distance and compare prices. You won’t have all the responsibility and you can plan it together.


8. Perfectionist
He is a perfectionist and won’t be happy until he has achieved his dreams. This may be annoying at times but just think of your future.


9. Compliments
He is not afraid to compliment you and certainly wouldn’t give a back handed one. He doesn’t ever put you down about the way you look. If anything he will just tell you something you can do better, education wise.

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10. Makes you want to improve
You see his motivation and you see his goals. This makes you want to chase after your dreams and he tells you that you can do it. He makes you want to learn more and be a better person.


11. Romantic
Most will be romantic and their awkward quirks at times will make you laugh. He wants to get to know you and listen to what you have to say.


12. Appreciation
They may not have slept around as much as your average player so they will appreciate a girlfriend when they have one.


13. You can be yourself
You have nothing to prove to him and vice versa. You can just be normal with him, and he keeps good company so none of his friends will go about town telling people your business.